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Rahu Kaal in Yichun , Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Yichun Heilongjiang, ChinaWednesday, May 19, 2021
sunrise3:48 AM
sunset6:54 PM
moonrise 9:38 AM
moonset12:31 AM
tithi, pakshaSaptami till 3:20 PM, Shukla paksha

Weekly chart for Rahu Kaal times in Yichun

Thu, 20 May
Fri, 21 May
Sat, 22 May
Sun, 23 May
Mon, 24 May
Tue, 25 May
Wed, 26 May

Rahu Kaal is the inauspicious time of the day when starting anything new is avoided. Since rahu kaal depends on the sunrise and sunset times at a location, the exact rahu kaalam timings change every day and across locations.

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